Join the New Era of Digital Marketing!

Marera is all about developing real relationships with your customers - create personalized, cross-channel customer campains that deliver.

Based on the CRM platform, Marera is a 1:1 integrated digital marketing platform that will help you lead the way.

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  1. Know your customers
    Marera integrates all your data in real time, providing the data-driven intelligence you need to know your customers and drive highly relevant, 1:1 communications. Build a single profile that gathers information from any channel or device.

  2. Take control
    Interrogate and analyze the data, manage customer lists, build your own campaigns, and report the entire process.

  3. Connect
    Send the right message to the right people. Create highly targeted and personalized messages and deliver them to exactly the right audience. Email, sms, social posts, app notifications; 

  4. Follow Customer Journeys
    Develop real relationships with your customers and follow them every step of their way. Design and manage marketing automations and workflows across all channels for real-time responsiveness and manage how and when customes move from interaction to interaction. 

  5. Measure your impact
    Consolidate and segment data from multiple sources using simple or complex criteria. Measure your ROMI and gain a deeper understanding of customer attributes and behaviors. 

  6. Intergrate
    Connect and access data from external sources and legacy systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, you name it) in real time.


  • Customer Profiling & Segmentation
  • BI Analytics to define your marketing strategy
  • Campaign Preview & Scheduling
  • Loyalty club members management
  • Pre-built email templates and template editor – no coding needed
  • Social Sharing and Monitoring to be socially updated
  • Deliverability Tools, Campaign Tracking & Reporting
  • Lead Generation & Lead Scoring Tools to find your prospect customers
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) model as a cost effective solution
  • Accessible anywhere - any time
  • Surveys for your customers
  • Simple automated campaigns such as welcome emails, birthday emails, anniversary emails or even sophisticated automated workflows via all channels


  • Quick & easy way to create 1:1 marketing campaigns via email and SMS


    marera campaigns

  • Connect and access data from external sources and legacy systems (CRM, ERP and other databases).


    marera connectivity

  • Build your subscriber list by collecting contact details from your website or landing pages and automatically add them to your database.


    marera sites

  • Design and automate e-shop campaigns based on data collected from e-shop visits, previous orders and wish lists.


    marera e-shop

  • Get the Marera Social add-on and pull data from social media interactions and Facebook apps!


    marera social

  • Build a unique Digital ID for your customers using the Marera login connector with 3rd party systems.


    marera digital ID

  • Set up and manage your loyalty club program (members, points, redemptions, transactions, etc).


    marera loyalty

  • Build and manage loyalty club members according to real time customer behavior.


    marera loyalty app

  • Don’t miss the chance to record and list data coming from Digital Signage applications through Kinect™!


    marera digital signage

  • Recording and listing all the data coming from custom mobile applications


    marera mobile app

  • Update customer profiles and optimize marketing campaigns by collecting insightful data from “tailor made" e-magazine applications.


    marera e-mag